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The British Sprints Championships 2017 will be held on Saturday 30th September at Campbell Park in Milton Keynes.  This event will be part of the 2017 UK Orienteering League.

We hope you will celebrate 50 years of British Orienteering, and Milton Keynes’ 50th anniversary, by joining us here on September 30th.

On the following day, the British Middle Distance Championships will take place in Wendover Woods near Aylesbury.  This will also be part of the UK Orienteering League, giving an opportunity for a weekend of quality orienteering.  Milton Keynes is situated close to the M1, and the Middles venue is less than a 1-hour drive away.


26/9/2017: Updated version of final details now available

19/9/2017: Start times are now available

18/9/2017: We have noticed, whilst allocating start times and seeding, that there are a number of people showing as "No" for the question on eligibility for a trophy, and in some cases we believe this response may not be correct.   Please check you have declared correctly.

18/9/2017: Entries are closed and no more requests for the waiting-list can be accommodated.

11/9/2017: Entries have now closed. For further information, please see the Late Entries section on the Entries page.

4/9/2017: The changeover to open classes will be applied today.  See notes on the Entries page.

30/8/2017: The Entries system will shortly be adjusted to provide entry direct to the M and W Open classes rather than the individual M and W 18, 20 and 21 classes.  Existing entries in the 18, 20 and 21 classes will be automatically moved to the correct Open class.

Campbell Park view 1Campbell Park view 2